Drew Kimball

Founder of Braintrust Creative, Drew hails from a background in journalism, film production, and lego. Over the years Drew has honed the unique vision of strategic creativity – where left and right brains work together to produce better creative results.

Away from work, you can find Drew playing drums, tracking down rare beers, and traveling with his wife and 2 kids.

Lauren Scharfenberg
Productivity Guru

As Braintrust’s project manager and logistics assassin, Lauren brings a film producer brain to the party. Whatever the project, Lauren makes sure it happens on time and on budget. Oh, and she even responds to emails promptly. Because that’s actually a thing now.

Away from work, Lauren will be playing piano from some complex book off the internet, or headed out on a hike.



  1. Honesty. We never cheat, never steal, never over charge, never fudge our work hours, never cut corners. Do that in the old west and you’ll get shot. However, we also refuse to be “yes” men. If we see something wrong, we’re going to bring it up. We’ll challenge your ideas if we think we can make them better. Honesty goes both ways, and we expect it from our vendors, partners, and clients. If you don’t like something or want it changed, speak up. We love your honesty like we love ours, that is to say: a lot.
  2. Accessibility. Creative stuff shouldn’t be cost prohibitive. Creativity costs too much. Bottom line. We’ll be fair. You’ll be surprised.
  3. Responsibility. It’s always our fault, and we’re not afraid of that.
  4. Sustainability. We think it’s the right thing for a company to do. That’s why we don’t send out paper invoices or correspondence. We don’t have business cards. We turn out lights when we leave rooms, and roll down windows instead of cranking the A/C. We recycle stuff and reuse things. Not because it’s trendy or we’re hippies, but because it’s the right thing to do.
  5. Balance. We work hard during work hours. We love our families and hobbies and causes the rest of the time. Overworking kills productivity and the creative spirit. So does underworking.
  6. Integrity. We do work we can feel good about. You’ll notice we work with a lot of churches, non-profits, small businesses, etc. That’s because we like to do work that makes a difference. Anyone can hawk product. Not all products make the world better. We don’t think big companies and profit are bad. We just couldn’t sleep at night if we helped make the world worse.


The longtime brain-child of creative thinker Drew Kimball, Braintrust Creative rose out of the ashes of misfortune. See, he got canned. Now, we recognize that that’s not usually the best way to start out a website that hopes you’ll hire the company represented on it, but we’re not really all that usual.

Drew graduated from school with a tv and radio journalism degree, got a good job, and a few years later got “let go.” We could give you a spiel about how he wasn’t the right fit for it, and blah blah blah. But really, he didn’t want to go. In the back of his mind he had this crazy idea for a company, but he was scared to step out of the salary/benefits nest. So, like a mother throws out a baby bird, Drew was pushed.

In the summer of 2007, Drew started Braintrust Creative. His goal was simple. Don’t hit the ground. Drew took his skills in telling stories through video and design and tried simply not to crash. And something unexpected happened on the way down. Drew flapped his wings a bit. Looking around like Wyle E. Coyote, Drew noticed he wasn’t falling anymore.

See, somewhere along the way, Drew figured out that people didn’t just want great design or stunning video or compelling experience. Because honestly, you can find that just about anywhere. People wanted a partner, a friend, a confidant – a trust strategist. They wanted someone they could call and chat with. They wanted old fashioned relationship. Sounds crazy, we know. But falling through the air to your financial death will make you crazy. Drew thought that if he offered not just the creative product, but the strategic creative process (and the relationship that it takes to make it happen!), that people might like that better.

So today, Drew glides a bit and flaps really hard sometimes. But overall, he really loves the view and the wind in his hair. And Braintrust spends another day not hitting the ground.