Clarifying a premium firewood company's position in the marketplace.

Cutting Edge Firewood (CEF)  //  Rebranding


How can we clarify our unique selling propositions to our audience while staying true to ourselves? How can we differentiate ourselves from our competition? Is there a way to reinvent our messaging, design, and strategy to position ourselves for future success?


Full-service branding strategy and visual identity design. Braintrust audited IAQA's current position and built an entirely new, clearer brand identity—voice, mission, statement, target audiences, positioning, etc.—and a clearer visual identity to support it.



Brand Audit

We started by carrying out an extensive brand audit to help us (and CEF) understand the customer and the market along with existing brand inconsistencies, perception gaps, and potential strategies.

We dove deep into questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and other research and categorized CEF's customers into two categories: Casual Burner and Enthusiast.

Through the audit, we also found several valuable insights which we then addressed in the construction of the new brand identity:

There is an opportunity in the premium firewood market to connect emotionally with the consumer.
CEF's Pricing, ordering process, and products all need clarification.
CEF could become a leading firewood educator in the industry.

And we found two differentiating characteristics of CEF: they were (and are) the only firewood company servicing such a wide area of delivery (60+ cities in Georgia), and they're the only ones specializing in the high-end side of the market.

These two insights landed us on this rebranded messaging framework, positioning strategy, visual language, and so on—which you can read all about in this brand guide.

You can also find a few key pages from the guide below.