Environmental  /  Graphic Design

Making Christmas at Perimeter feel like Christmas at home.

Perimeter Church  //  Christmas at Perimeter


Can we make Perimeter's Christmas season feel warm, cozy, and familiar like a Christmas at home? Just like our homes transform for the holiday season, can we transform Perimeter into an inviting, rustic home for visitors and members alike to enjoy all of the season's festivities?


A visual identity that uses Perimeter's outdoor chapel—a smaller, hand-built structure as opposed to the multi-wing main church building—as the anchoring design element. Patterns, textures, colors, and fonts all combine to evoke homemade holiday traditions across all mediums.

As usual, we made a style guide with main graphics, design elements, colors, typefaces, dropcaps, rationale—the whole shebang.

View the full style guide here.

Print & Digital Applications

Using the look laid out in the Style Guide, we designed 67+ print and digital pieces for this project, including:

- Invitations
- Devotional booklets
- T-shirts
- Promotional graphics
- Mailers
- Environmental signage
- Bulletin shells & inserts
- Flyers
- Email newsletter templates
- Posters

Environmental Installations

Using the same design, we designed and built two interactive installations in Perimeter's main lobby: (1) a smaller outdoor chapel set with a real stage as a photo opportunity, and (2) a 25-piece display designed to inspire members to give to their communities this holiday season.