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Bridging the gaps between industry leaders, practitioners, and consumers.

Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)  //  Rebrand


How can we strengthen and clarify IAQA's presence in the indoor air quality industry? Is there a way to communicate that IAQA is committed to the growth and success of every discipline in the industry while doing so clearly and simply?


Full-service brand strategy and visual identity design. Braintrust audited IAQA's current position and built an entirely new, clearer brand identity—voice, mission, statement, target audiences, positioning, etc.—and a clearer visual identity to support it.



Brand Audit

We started by carrying out an extensive brand audit to help us (and IAQA) understand the customer and the market along with existing brand inconsistencies, perception gaps, and potential strategies.

We dove deep into questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and other research and categorized IAQA's customers into three categories: Industry Practitioner, Industry Leader, and End Consumer.

Through the audit, we also found several valuable insights which we then addressed in the construction of the new brand identity:

IAQA is not consumer-friendly or consumer-focused (on search engines, in verbiage, and in education)
There is little emphasis on intra-industry connection and collaboration.
There are external inconsistencies between IAQA's messaging and its promises.
There are internal inconsistencies in design.
A perception gap exists for the Industry Leader and the End Consumer.

And we found two differentiating characteristics of IAQA: they were (and are) the only organization in the industry touting the power of collaboration, and they also had the uncommon ability to work across disciplines within the industry.

These two insights landed us on this rebranded messaging framework, positioning strategy, visual language, and so on—which you can read all about in this brand guide.

You can also find a few key pages from the guide below.