Environmental  /  Graphic Design  /  Motion Graphics  /  Videography

Creating an environment to ask life's toughest questions.

Perimeter Church  //  Investigative Forum

Investigative Forum (IF) is Perimeter Church's seasonal forum to discuss the most popular challenges to the Christian worldview. Perimeter invites all—not just church members—to attend and explore questions about suffering, truth, pluralism, happiness, and more.


It's easy for churchgoers to feel comfortable at Perimeter, but what about the unchurched? People who didn't grow up culturally Christian, people who are skeptical about Christianity's claims, and people who feel uncomfortable in church services? Can we create a safe environment that invites the skeptic and serves as a safe space to ask life's toughest questions?


A brand identity that subverts traditional Christian imagery and places the questions of life at the forefront of viewers' minds rather than the answers. Videos reminiscent of the scientific approach: question everything. An environmental application of the identity that doubles as a chalk and whiteboard for use during Investigative Forum sessions.

Environmental Installation

Braintrust designed and built a set piece for use during the Investigative Forum as a chalkboard or whiteboard, depending on which side is being used. Before the build, we created 3D mockups of both sides to give Perimeter a feel for look and size of the installation: