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Empowering high school students to produce a live experience that exceeds industry standards.

Perimeter Church  //  RUSH Conference

RUSH Conference is a 100% student-run conference. High school students attend, and high school students lead. Experienced mentors coach the students in every area (speaking, hosting, creative, stage management, logistics, etc.), but the students are the ones doing the legwork, preparation, ideation, and execution.

Braintrust designed a new brand identity for RUSH in 2016 when Perimeter's leadership decided to rename it from Gold Rush. Learn more about the identity design here.


Can high schoolers successfully put together a fully produced conference? We're talking everything done by high schoolers from start to finish: stage management, design, live music, hosting, media capture, and even keynote speakers. How can we leverage experienced professionals while giving students ownership?


Creative mentorship for the creative portion of the conference. Braintrust was a guiding hand in concepting, ideation, video & graphic production, stage design, and running the actual show. The result was a successful conference with hundreds in attendance—run by the students for the students.

Stage Design

For the RUSH stage, we built four LED walls to display varying content depending on what's happening in the session at any given time. We built the walls on wheels so they could be moved around easily during the session in various arrangements. We used these walls for countdowns, thematic support, keynotes, and video playback, among others.

Above the audience, we hung four RGB light strips and remotely controlled their color and height from the production booth.