Connecting 70,000 students through one shared experience.

Passion  //  Passion Conference


When attendance is over 70,000, how can we make each individual student feel like their own experience matters? Can we make the students feel connected to their own experience, to each other, and to a greater movement? How can we combat segmentation and division and ensure Passion brings students together—not farther apart?


Photo recap videos filled with hundreds of moments captured across 1,000,000+ square feet of event space—edited to paint every student's experience as one stroke joining with many to form a movement. Plus, we made environmental animations for complex LED walls, looping animations, promotions, and live event music videos—all at a large scale to give students more opportunity for shared experience.


Client: Passion Conferences
Agency: Braintrust Creative

Art Director: Drew Kimball
Editor: Drew Kimball
Animator: Drew Kimball


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