Sharing and Preserving Complex Cultural Conversations.

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Q invites leading thinkers to spark the world's cutting-edge conversations about the intersection of faith and culture. How can we share and preserve these one-of-a-kind conversations? Can we find a way to extend the influence of every talk given on the Q stage to beyond the stage itself?


High-quality capture and mastering of every talk ever given on the Q stage. Braintrust produced and managed the capture, editing, and mastering, and archival of every Q event for over 10 years. We also video direct Q's live shows—ensuring every conversation happens smoothly and can be captured with no issues.

Capturing Hundreds of Talks

Every idea presented on the Q stage should be shared and preserved. At Q Conference, thousands of attendees discover these ideas in person, but what about the rest of the world? Q wants to spread ideas to shape the world. A critical way to do this is to capture every talk delivered at the conference and package them to be easily shareable.

So over the past decade, Braintrust has captured hundreds of talks delivered on the Q stage. Here are a few of them:

Andy Crouch - A Theology of Cyborgs  /  Blake Mycoskie - Ending Gun Violence  /  Lauren Green McAfee - The Future of Pro-Life  /  Tim Keller - The Both-And of the Gospel  /  Bobb Goff - Rediscovering Whimsy  /  Bobette Buster - The Arc of Storytelling  /  Euna Lee - Truth Can't Be Oppressed  /  Giglio Wiseman - Exploring the Galaxies  /  Kevin Kelly - What Technology Wants  /  Skye Jethani - Inoculating a Generation  /  Amy Sherman - Embracing Vocation in the City  /  Andy Crouch - Power  /  Arthur Brooks - The Moral Case for Capitalism  /  Chai Ling - Gendercide  /  Kim Biddle - Consumer Sex & The Objectification of Women  /  Jon Tyson - Cosmopolitan Evangelism  /  Dale Kuehne - Sexual Economics  /  Bob Hurley - Surf Culture  /  Jessica Rey - The Evolution of the Swimsuit  /  Richard Stearns - The Gospel as a Virus  /  Andy Crouch - Religious Freedom and the Common Good  /  Brian Fikkert - First World Poverty  /  Christine Caine - New, Not Next  /  Donna Freitas - Hookup Culture  /  Gabe Lyons - Why Do We Ask Questions  /  Governer Bill Haslam & Mayor Karl Dean - Red States, Blue Cities  /  J. Kameron Carter - Postracial Blues  /  Jefferson Bethke - Porn and Technology  /  Jessica Kim - Lessons from a Startup Mentality  /  Lecrae - Artists and Poets  /  Michael Gerson - The Pope Francis Moment  /  Brian & Julie Mavis - Ending the Foster Care Crisis  /  John Inazu - Confident Pluralism  /  Kelly Clark - Snowboards and Calling  /  Kevin Kelly - Spiritual Guidance for Artificial Intelligence  /  Melinda Selmys - My STruggle with Gender Dysphoria  /  Ann Voskamp - Hospitality to Refugees  /  Caleb Kaltenbach - My Journey with Gay Parents  /  Jackie Hill Perry - Prophetic Witness  /  Sho Baraka - The Gentrification of Christianity  /  Duke Kwan - Race Reparations  /  David Kinnaman - The Irrelevancy of Faith  /  Mark & Jan Foreman - Raising Children that Shift Culture

We direct and manage the system (and team) that captures every talk on the Q stage, making sure the aesthetic meets the brand's standards. We then organize, edit, mix, master, and prepare every talk for Q to distribute. From start to finish, we capture every idea, make them shareable, and preserve them for the future.


Client: Q
Agency: Braintrust Creative

Video Editor: Drew Kimball

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