Why choose left or right brain when you need both?

Our mission is to shape the world through transformational experiences.

We believe organizations best influence the world around them through experiences that marry creativity and strategy while respecting humanity.

Sometimes that looks like this:

Every experience is different. So we might use any number of creative executions in achieving your goals. Whether it's a leadership training event, a trade expo, or an interactive installation in your lobby—we tailor a solution to shape your world.

Other Services

Brand Strategy
Brand Video
Creative Consulting

Editorial Design
Event Videography
Exhibition Design
Interactive Design
Logo Design

Media Servers
Messaging Strategy
Production Management
Projection Mapping
Visual Effects

Our Values

Balance: The left and right brains need each other.

Most things in life find their sweet spot not in the extremes but right in the middle. Creativity without strategy is useless, and so is strategy without creativity. Our clients love our ideas, but they also love how we stick to deadlines and budgets—balance.

Goodness: Do work you can feel good about.

You’ll notice we work with a lot of faith-based organizations, non-profits, and small businesses, in addition to some major brands. That’s because we like to do work that makes a difference. Anyone can hawk product. Not all products make the world better. We don’t think big companies and profit are bad; we just couldn’t sleep at night if we helped make the world worse.

Quality: If it can be better, it should be better.

Everyone benefits from improvement (when it’s done right). We’re always searching for ways to make our own work more powerful, beautiful, effective, and so on. We believe it’s our duty not just to ourselves, but to our clients. So if we think you can improve, we’ll tell you how, even if that solution means not hiring us.

Boldness: Some risks are worth taking.

Sometimes, the familiar solution isn’t the best solution. That’s why we push for the best solution, even if it might be challenging for a client (or for us). Maybe that means trying something no one’s done before, and that’s okay. If the risk is worth taking, we’ll take it.


Our Team

Drew Kimball

Founder of Braintrust Creative, Drew hails from a background in journalism, film production, and lego. Over the years Drew has honed the unique vision of strategic creativity – where left and right brains work together to produce better creative results.

Away from work, you can find Drew playing drums, tracking down rare beers, and traveling with his wife and 2 kids.

Jeff Ponder
VP of Video & Motion

Originally from the great state of Texas (go Cowboys), Jeff brings almost two decades of motion production experience to the team. Whether it be a product explainer, event recap, or narrative film, his passion is helping tell stories through video and animation.

When not producing, Jeff can be found watching football (never baseball), or hanging with his wife and 2 daughters.

Lauren Scharfenberg
Productivity Guru

As Braintrust’s project manager and logistics assassin, Lauren brings a film producer brain to the party. Whatever the project, Lauren makes sure it happens on time and on budget. Oh, and she even responds to emails promptly. Because that’s actually a thing now.

Away from work, Lauren will be playing piano from some complex book off the internet, or headed out on a hike.

Edward Sun
Design Whiz

Without Edward, you couldn't be on this website right now. His hand is on every design that goes out the door and every word we say online. Edward brings a designer's and marketer's edge to Braintrust (and your next project) that yields actual business results.

Away from work, you can find Edward watching a movie, playing Smash Bros, or reintroducing fire to the world as Kaptivated.