Telling the same story to two completely different audiences.

Perimeter Church  //  Holy Week Campaign


Can we tell the story of Jesus (without using words) to both Christians and non-Christians? Can we evoke Easter immediately in both the churched and unchurched while staying modern and avoiding the pitfalls of common church clichés?


A visual identity—colors, typefaces, elements, dropcaps, among much more—that uses plantlife to evoke Easter and tell a story of life-to-death-to-life while incorporating neon gradients to pull the look modern.

As usual, we made a style guide with main graphics, design elements, colors, typefaces, dropcaps, rationale—the whole shebang.

View the full Easter 2019 Style Guide.

Print & Digital Applications

Using the look laid out in the Style Guide, we designed 62+ print and digital pieces for this project, including:

- Tri-fold invitations (with spot gloss)
- Devotional booklets
- T-shirts
- Promotional graphics
- Mailers
- Environmental signage
- Bulletin shells & inserts
- Flyers


We then applied the same design environmentally (1) on Perimeter’s Main Sanctuary stage, (2) on the main lobby walls, and (3) in the center of the atrium. On the stage, we built four LED walls with pixel mapped frames - riding on automated rigging. In the lobby, we installed 2 25' die-cut vinyl decals and hung a modular LED wall in front of it. In the atrium, we wove CNC-cut letters and live plant life through upright greenery walls.

Atrium: Greenery Walls

Main Lobby: Decal Mural / Modular LED Wall / Animated Content

Main Sanctuary: RGB Frames / LED Walls / Animated Content


Client: Perimeter Church
Agency: Braintrust Creative

Art Director: Drew Kimball
Graphic Designer: Edward Sun
Motion Graphics Artist: Drew Kimball
Installation Artist: Drew Kimball
Project & Account Manager: Lauren Scharfenberg

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