The human brain has 2 sides. A left one and a right one.

The left one is the one telling you that you have to mail your credit card payment out on time. The right one is looking at the pretty colors on the stamp. Most creative companies are really excited about their right brains. And rightfully so. See, creative thought lives there. And good right brains come up with great ideas. There's an issue with right brains though. You might have even noticed. They tend to not be the most reliable. You'll give them a deposit, they'll come up with some ideas that might not have anything to do with your project, and then they'll disappear for a while. You'll chase them down, ask about seeing some progress. They'll use creative words like "conceptual" and "self-referential." You'll get frustrated.

On the other hand, left brains are very reliable. These are your accountants. You can count on them. They won't really blow your mind with their tasks, but boy, do they actually accomplish them. They have concrete ideas and think logistically. Really handy to have around, if not dry and analytical.

So, wouldn't it be great, if there were a creative company that wasn't right all the time? Braintrust likes the whole brain. We think that giving equal weight to the crazy creative and the literal plan results in something magical. Actual creative results. Take a great idea, then execute it. Revolutionary, we know. It's a patent pending process.

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Our Clients

A few of our past and present clients.

Additional work samples are available upon request.

BrainTrust is about 2 things - great ideas and great relationships.

And those take commitment. We like to think of it as a covenant. here's what's in it:

  1. Honesty. We never cheat, never steal, never over charge, never fudge our work hours, never cut corners. Do that in the old west and you'll get shot. However, we also refuse to be "yes" men. If we see something wrong, we're going to bring it up. We'll challenge your ideas if we think we can make them better. Honesty goes both ways, and we expect it from our vendors, partners, and clients. If you don't like something or want it changed, speak up. We love your honesty like we love ours, that is to say: a lot.
  2. Accessibility. Creative stuff shouldn't be cost prohibitive. Creativity costs too much. Bottom line. We'll be fair. You'll be surprised.
  3. Responsibility. It's always our fault, and we're not afraid of that.
  4. Sustainability. We think it's the right thing for a company to do. That's why we don't send out paper invoices or correspondence. We don't have business cards. We turn out lights when we leave rooms, and roll down windows instead of cranking the A/C. We recycle stuff and reuse things. Not because it's trendy or we're hippies, but because it's the right thing to do.
  5. Balance. We work hard during work hours. We love our families and hobbies and causes the rest of the time. Overworking kills productivity and the creative spirit. So does underworking.
  6. Integrity. We do work we can feel good about. You'll notice we work with a lot of churches, non-profits, small businesses, etc. That's because we like to do work that makes a difference. Anyone can hok product. Not all products make the world better. We don't think big companies and profit are bad. We just couldn't sleep at night if we helped make the world worse.

Video/Film Production &


Motion Graphics

Visual Effects

Color Grading

Sound Design

Print & Web Design

Creative Consulting


Event/Conference Production

Braintrust offers a full range of creative services, from consulting to film post-production. If you don't happen to see what you need on this list, just let us know. Chances are, we can do it.

Yes, even wood-working.

To find out more about what we do, contact us.

Historically Accurate History

The longtime brain-child of creative thinker Drew Kimball, Braintrust Creative rose out of the ashes of misfortune. See, he got canned. Now, we recognize that that's not usually the best way to start out a website that hopes you'll hire the company represented on it, but we're not really all that usual.

Drew graduated from school with a tv and radio degree, got a good job, and a few years later got "let go." We could give you a spiel about how he wasn't the right fit for it, and blah blah blah. But really, he didn't want to go. In the back of his mind he had this crazy idea for a company, but he was scared to step out of the salary/benefits nest. So, like a mother throws a baby out of the nest, Drew was pushed.

In the summer of 2007, Drew started Braintrust Creative. His goal was simple. Don't hit the ground. Drew took his skills in video and design and tried simply not to crash. And something unexpected happened on the way down. Drew flapped his wings a bit. Looking around like Wyle E. Coyote, Drew noticed he wasn't falling anymore.

See, somewhere along the way, Drew figured out that people didn't just want great design and stunning video. Because honestly, you can find that just about anywhere. People wanted a partner, a friend, a confidant. They wanted someone they could call and chat with. They wanted old fashioned relationship. Sounds crazy, we know. But falling through the air to your financial death will make you crazy. Drew thought that if he offered not just the creative product, but the creative process and the creative partner, that people might like that better.

So today, Drew glides a bit and flaps really hard sometimes. But overall, he really loves the view and the wind in his hair. And Braintrust spends another day not hitting the ground.

VINTAGE building
fancy pants technology.

Tannery Row, a converted 100-year-old leather tannery and shoe factory, serves as the backdrop for the Braintrust headquarters. Worn original floors, tall ceilings, exposed brick, and the rumble of a passing train. We couldn’t imagine working in a cubicle. Braintrust features the latest in production and design facilities. A VFX/Animation suite, a design suite, and a finishing suite are accompanied by conference areas, a kitchen, and relaxation space. While working on your project, shoot a nerf gun, grab a snack, play some Xbox, build a lego model, or just relax with a good book.

Our VFX suite is loaded with Adobe CS6, Final Cut Studio, and all the latest plugins. Outfitted with an FSI Broadcast Monitor for accurate preview.

Our Design suite features Adobe CS6 and various painting and web-coding apps. It also rocks a graphics tablet for painting and photo retouching.

The Finish suite is equipped with Davinci Resolve (with Avid Artist Color control surface) for real-time color grading/finishing and Apple Logic Pro (or Soundtrack Pro) for full surround mixing. A 60” plasma client monitor, an FSI Broadcast Monitor for color critical preview, and KRK audio monitors in 5.1 surround round out the tech.

Just downstairs, our friends The Pizza Pub serve up cold beer and good pizza. And right down the street is historic Buford, GA, with award winning restaurants, boutique shopping, and plenty of distractions.

554 west main street

Tannery Row, Building A, Suite 300

buford, GA 30518