How do you inspire the best employees of a world class airline?

Pure melon  //  LeadERSHIP Conference

Pure Melon, the event and production partner of a Fortune 500 airline, calls on Braintrust to build all stage and show environmental content, as well as direct the live sessions of the airline's Leadership Conference.


Twice a year, a Fortune 500 airline brings together leaders from its team of 80,000+ to unify and shape the culture of the company. Two days packed full of presentations from executives, authors, and speakers.  How do you communicate a major airline's broader vision through a creative environment?  Can a corporate event actually inspire the world to come together?


Under the leadership of Pure Melon, Braintrust produced motion graphics content that branded the stage and set—including speaker bumpers, loops, animated transitions, and digital environments—including a 6k LED stage set, and a 15-projector 330 foot wide wrap-around curved projection surface. In addition, Braintrust directs the program, coordinating all production teams for a seamless and smooth run of show.


Client: Fortune 500 Global Airline HQ'd in Atlanta
Agency: Pure Melon
Agency Partner: Braintrust Creative

Motion Designer: Drew Kimball
Event Producer: Drew Kimball

NCR Mercedes Benz Stadium

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